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TBS Construction

TBS Construction is an innovative design-build company serving San Francisco Bay area common interest developments and residential construction since 2007. As a design-build company we assume full responsibility for each project. We are motivated to deliver a project successfully by completing all objectives—including the quality, budgeting and scheduling—in a manner that keeps clients happy. Our “hands-on” approach, pride in workmanship, fair business practice, customer service and unsurpassed safety record are just some of the reasons why TBS Construction is often chosen for many projects.


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What should I do to prepare my home for the winter?

Danielle Stone of Lunt Marymor PRO answered:

Oct 19, 2017
One of the best things you can do to prepare your home for the winter is to be sure that your heating system is in proper working order. We encourage our clients to have annual or bi-annual heating in ... read more
Which trade would I call to replace bathroom and laundry room exhaust fans?
Aug 4, 2014
While I value Abe's professionalism and experience, I would take a slightly different approach.  If you are not changing anything in either room then a qualified handyperson can pull the old fan, enla ... read more

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