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SandFree is a full-service floor refinishing and installation company with three divisions. Show more

SandFree is a full-service floor refinishing and installation company with three divisions.

SandFree is a 5 phase, chemical process with abrasion which prepares an existing floor to receive a URETHANE finish. The first 3 phases prepare the existing finish on a floor to receive a coat of urethane without sanding. The fourth phase is a bonding coat that provides a surface for the urethane to bond to. The fifth phase is the application of the same urethane Brunswick uses on their bowling alleys. The fact that we use water-based products that have almost no odor, makes the process extremely attractive for people who don’t want to lose the use of their property for a period of 3-5 days. Over the years, and millions of refinished feet later, the process has been expanded to enable us to:

The SandFree Process

* Apply urethane for a finish that will retain it’s appearance for 6-8 years.
* Remove Mop N’ Glo, Orange Glo, Revivor, Refresher, or any other short term polish.
* Alter the color of your floor, by enhancing the existing color, or changing the color entirely by using our ColorMagiq system.
* Blend water or pet stains into the color of the wood to make the stains less noticeable.
* Repair fading problems.
* Repair shading problems
* Repair scratches
* Repair or replace wood. Take-up existing carpet and pad.
* Refinish existing homes while the owners live in the house.

SandFree is now capable of making satisfied customers out of 90% of the homes we enter, without sanding the floors. The other 10% either have warped boards or want to change the color from dark to light. In those cases, to get a new layer of wood, the floor needs to be sanded, which we have done since the 70s, but most other floors can be brought to a satisfactory level with No Dust! No Odor! and No Downtime!

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