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House of Kartheiser

We are a family owned and operated residential remodeling company that is devoted to the home remodeling industry and its unique challenges and opportunities. Nothing is more satisfying than helping clients see new possibilities and maximizing the return on their investment, both emotionally and financially. When it comes to your home, there’s simply no such thing as a minor detail. A reliable home remodeling company is what you’ll need to accomplish this task. That’s why unparalleled attention to detail is a defining hallmark of House of Kartheiser LLC, home remodeling. It’s why people choose us – and refers us to their friends and neighbors, to design, renovate and improve their environments, detail by thoughtful detail.

Answers from contractors near Plainfield, IL

How much are Windows
Dec 30, 2019
They vary in price we offer a free no obligation in home quote if you would like one please contact us to set it up.
My parents have 60 year old frame 1 story with full basement. Water is beginning to seap in at the floor to wall morter joint. Is there an inside fix?
Aug 28, 2015
I would also check two things. Make sure all of the downspouts are running far enough away from the house. The ground is always moving. There could have been some settling that is now draining water b ... read more

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