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Answers from contractors near Myrtle Beach, SC

We need a good, reliable general contractor to help us with a bathroom renovation. How do I find one that won't charge us more because of our address?

Jun 10, 2014

There is a lot of good advice in people's responses. The best thing you can do is get as much detail as possible in your estimate from your contractor/s. Just to clarify one myth, we, like most profes ... read more

Are galvanized nails supposed to be used when nailing studs in a pressure treated sill plate on a slab? or is 3 inch smooth framing nails code?

Jun 10, 2014

As Brittany stated earlier, we only use hot-dipped galvanized in this application. It is not a code issue but it does make a huge impact on quality and what will be seen for years to come.

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