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TRK Solutions Enterprises, Inc.

We have been in Construction General Contracting, Mechanical Maintenance,Home Improvement & Disaster Service business for over 16 years.Here at TRK Solutions Enterprises Inc,we offer 24 Hour Emergency Service.We specialize in all phases of Residential & Commercial Rehabs.We have been in business for over 16 years & have a long list of satisfied customers.We understand that times are hard & are willing to do 30 days billing cycle for payment.This type of billing cycle allows the company or home owner time to make the money to pay for the repairs or service they had done.Instead of paying when the work or service is completed that day.Our goal is to establish a professional & reliable workmanship.

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Is there a good way to keep my mulch from washing down my hill and into my back yard every time in rains?
Sep 26, 2015
Install a decorative stone border or edging that will help hold the mulch in place.
Cindy: Sorry I was gone so long...something came up, but I'm back and this time with photos of the arch window!
Mar 21, 2015
Cindy/Linda - Looks like a seal failure to me, which may be covered under a manufacturer warranty for the glass but probably not the labor to install it.  From the unused replacement grille holes in t ... read more

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