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Shelby Home Improvement

Shelby Home Improvement was established in January of 1986. We were incorporated on December 21, 1988. We have been working with Pella Window and Door since 1986 and became a Certified Pella Contractor (CPC) in 1989. In that time we have received multiple CPC of the Year Awards, Golden and Platinum Sales Awards, and Growth Awards from Pella. The bulk of our work through the years has been window and door replacement. Since we are a licensed builder, we have also built, remodeled, repaired and enlarged homes. We were also certified in 2008 with Installation Masters. This program was created to ensure the latest window and door installation methods are being properly employed. We have lived in this community since 1974. Though we often work outside of the city limits, we are dedicated to supporting our community and helping our local economy. Any products that we use that CAN be bought here, ARE bought here. All of our vehicles are American made, and to the best of our ability, we try to use American made products.

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What's the best way to hang a Christmas wreath on the new door? Can a nail be used to suspend the wreath? Elaine Donnelly
Nov 29, 2016
It would be in the best interest of maintaining the quality of the material to use an over the door wreath hanger. Happy Holidays 
Do you know what are the best faucets n fixtures for kitchen and bathroom remodeling?
Jun 6, 2014
I agree that buying quality fixtures is the way to go.  We have had our best results using Moen, plus they carry a Lifetime Warranty.  There are many good models but we have had the most success with ... read more
Last edited Jun 6, 2014 1:17am

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