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Kingma Developers Inc

Marshalling a spirit of cooperation and a willingness to develop a bond of trust and respect between his team of tradesmen, himself and his clients, Kingma Developers look to a future of healthier homes, more efficient homes and homes that are specifically crafted to meet specific needs. Kingma Developers see a trend towards more modest sized homes and a shift in predisposition to a smaller footprint in homebuilding. Instead of making more square feet, Kingma Developers make the square footage available more personalized, with more character and geared towards an enhanced quality of lifestyle.

It’s the quality of the available space that makes a true, custom home, not simply the quantity of space.The keen attention to detail displayed in every Kingma Developers home has earned the highly regarded builder numerous awards in the annual Blue Ridge Homebuilders Association Parade of Homes. At the forefront of technology and building techniques, Kingma Developers now attracts most of its new business from client referrals.


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Answers from contractors near Charlottesville, VA

What can be done to remedy a home with issues related to an EIFS stucco system? Can you re-do the front of the house with another material (i.e. Stone, etc)
Sep 24, 2014
+1 to Jeffrey's answer below.  Most of the observed deficiences that we see in EIFS are the result of poor installation and flashing details.  Almost all the push off failures that are seen now are t ... read more
How much does a built-in cast iron tub (circa 1930) weigh?
Mar 13, 2014
Depends on the specific type of tub but they can very quickly get over 300lbs.  I have thrown out my back moving them out when they were broken into two pieces so they are not light.  Some run as heav ... read more

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