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Jerry's Siding & Roofing Inc.

Jerry's Siding & Roofing Company in Maryland serves Annapolis, Baltimore, Pasadena and Severna Park.

We are a full-service siding company with expanded expertise in the installation of roofing, windows and doors in new construction and replacement projects.

Jerry Foster founded the company in 1984 and continues to serve as president.

Answers from contractors near Severn, MD

I live next to a busy road. What can I do to decrease noise in my home office?
Feb 19, 2014
Abe nailed the answer for you. If the windows are due for replacement, look for a window with offset glazing or an option of laminated glass inside the standard set of windows. Dedicated STC windows w ... read more
I live in Florida and love spending time on my patio, but hate dealing with mosquitoes. Any creative ideas for screening in my porch?
Feb 18, 2014
Below is a product that we have used here in the northeast where mosquitos are an issue as well and our clients LOVE it.  It is actually the perfect solution for your project and is easy to order and ... read more

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