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JD Solar Solutions LLC

Solar making sense from every environmental study and making such a big impact on protecting the environment. Being a financial win for customer, installer and investors makes it a very promising future moving forward. Having a passion for solar makes it exciting to explain solar to all folks and install solar arrays wherever the solar factor meets efficiency levels. As licensed dealers and installers for the finest solar products available today, we can offer a quality installation that will be right for you and your lifestyle. Our professionally trained and certified team works hand in hand with the New Jersey & Connecticut Clean Energy Program to ensure that each project meets or exceeds your expectations.

Certified & Insured , License: New Jersey: 13VH05599100 & Connecticut: 195731 Our experienced system designers, engineers and installers ensure the highest product quality and installation services. We take great pride in our jobs and this is reflected in our workmanship. We will exceed your expectations from our courteous service, craftsmanship and all we deliver. We are enthusiastic because we have always believed this to be a great initiative for the environment and now it is a spectacular financial investment.

We provide free on-site consultations and would love the opportunity to explain exactly how solar would work for your goals. contact us for a free consultation today.

Answers from contractors near Hoboken, NJ

I have a large property, while there are trees that cover my house (and roof) I was wondering if solar panels made sense? Even if they weren't directly on roof?

Gladys Meyer answered:

Sep 20, 2018
Vey true. Hope it all went correctly.
someone who can guarantee to fix problem the first time
Mar 20, 2018
Sounds like inadequate venting for the drain lines. Could have been build this way or maybe a clog has developed in the vent pipe. Such as birds or squrrels building a nest in the vent pipe up on the ... read more

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