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Harrimans Inc. – Solar Energy Solutions a leading edge Solar Energy Contractor in Sarasota County - Some of our recent headline projects have been the Turtle Rock subdivision Solar Lighting project collectively taking 176 natural gas street lights off line in this Palmer Ranch subdivision, thus reducing their carbon foot print in excess of 420 tons of CO2 per year. Habitat for Humanity, Cluster Home project won the SBC 2008 Aurora award for most energy efficient house, we installed Solar Water Heaters on all (7) energy efficient homes, additional completed projects include the Janie Poe / HUD, low income solar water heating project, Diocese of Venice Solar Water Heating project. Harrimans, Inc. recently worked under Johnson Controls on the new Megawatt (One Million Watt) Photovoltaic / Solar Electric project at Orange County Convention Center (Orlando) this is one of the largest Solar Electric project installed in Florida to date. Harrimans was awarded by the School Board to design / build the Charlotte County phase 3 Solar Electric and Solar Water Heating projects. Since 1983 Harrimans, Inc. has installed in excess of 10,000 Solar Water heating / Solar Pool heating as well as Solar Electric systems with a collective reduction over 1,806,696 tons of CO2 emissions to the environment”.


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Answers from contractors near Venice, FL

What do you think about radiant barrier spray on coating versus foil backing radiant barrier?
Foil backed plywood is the more efficient than spray. Here is one site but many use the same figures.
My parents have 60 year old frame 1 story with full basement. Water is beginning to seap in at the floor to wall morter joint. Is there an inside fix?
Aug 31, 2015
Drylock is a product that is readily available at home depot brush corners roll walls can be applied to damp surfaces follow directions on can this should help

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