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Green-Built Custom Homes LLC

From complete remodels to new construction we have the right team in place. We strive ourselves on creating your dreams in a budget you can afford. We can take care of all of your remodel needs as well as building your dream home. Our philosophy is simply that we build homes not just houses. Homes that we would like to live in ourselves. When craftsmen take pride in their work they produce the finished quality we think you deserve, we use craftsmen who have pride and who will stand behind their work. They are part of our team and we are proud to make their services available to you.Our goal is for you to move into your home built to the highest standards. Happy homeowners are the very best references a builder can have, so we try hard to please our customers by offering fine quality homes, carefully built with pride. Green-Built owes its success to its repeat business. Your satisfaction is the foundation upon which we build. We will guide our clients through every phase of planning, designing and building.


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Answers from contractors near Auburn , WA

Do you have any information you can send me delineating home improvements that will add appraisal value to my home, and possibly quantify those values?

Gene Lewis answered:

Oct 20, 2018
A good way to add value to your house is to do home improvement. Many renovation and home additions add value to the house. Also, painting by interior painting San Jose is a good way to add value to t ... read more
Are galvanized nails supposed to be used when nailing studs in a pressure treated sill plate on a slab? or is 3 inch smooth framing nails code?
Jun 8, 2014
The correct nail to be used is a Hot dipped galvanized nail. Nail diameter and size are different on all applications . A regular galvanized nail is only electo galvanized meaning as soon as the drive ... read more

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