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Floor One Flooring

Floor One Flooring is a MN-based contractor specializing in the wood flooring trade for both the residential and commercial sectors. Their team has experience in multiple facets of the flooring trade including hardwood floor installation, vinyl plank flooring, floor refinishing, molding, trims, floor medallion or logo design and even custom flooring projects. Floor One Flooring serves the Twin Cities Metro area of Minnesota and has been in operation since 1987.


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  • National Wood Flooring Association

Answers from contractors near Blaine, MN

Solutions for cooling a hot room
Jul 11, 2017
Hello Geoff, In fear of giving you information that is obvious or that you already know, we move forward boldly and answer this question.  I had a similar addition on a previous home and it was diffic ... read more
Can I report a plumber for not doing work that I was told they had done? It has been 4 years since said work was done and we recently had to inspect the attic b
Jul 22, 2015
It all depends on the companies policy. Here we would of course be more than happy to come out and look at everything, and fix them for you, but we also do provide 10 year warranties to our customers, ... read more

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