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DSapone LLC

D’Sapone – the best restoration company in Woodstock, clean, seal and polish the floor and walls at the next level with its patented processes. We deliver tile repair, tile cleaning, grout sealing and stone restoration services in Woodstock. Call us now at (770)917-9200 and get your free estimate today.

Anthony Lawn

Tile and grout cleaning and Flooring

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Cindy: Sorry I was gone so long...something came up, but I'm back and this time with photos of the arch window!
Mar 26, 2015
Hello Linda, Yep, looks like the seal has failed on your 1/2 circle top window, as well as the grids having collapsed. Easiest and most cost effective way for you handle this is to find a glass repla ... read more
What's the first thing to start with when doing a bathroom redesign/remodel?
Feb 24, 2014
We recommend that clients take a look at our website, our online testimonials and our Guild Quality feedback and scores to get a good feel for our company. Next we recommend they take some time to f ... read more

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