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DSapone LLC

D’Sapone – the best restoration company in Woodstock, clean, seal and polish the floor and walls at the next level with its patented processes. We deliver tile repair, tile cleaning, grout sealing and stone restoration services in Woodstock. Call us now at (770)917-9200 and get your free estimate today.

Anthony Lawn

Tile and grout cleaning and Flooring

Answers from contractors near WoodStock, GA

I had vinyl replacement windows installed three years ago in my 70 year old brick home. Could bad installation (shims?) be causing interior wood to pull away?

Christy Carpenter of EntryPoint PRO answered:

Nov 7, 2017
Hello! I'm sorry to hear that you are having issues with your windows. From viewing your photos, it appears that there is water coming from up above the window. That being said, it could have been fro ... read more
The builder did not build our home as we had ordered, citing a design change after contract was signed. What recourse do we have?
Mar 24, 2016
Contacting your local home improvement commission is your best recourse to start, since they typically have a fund to pay for a attorney for you if needed. They can provide mediation between both part ... read more

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