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Blue Sky Building Company

For most toddlers, construction involves plastic toys and lots of pretending.

For me it was being tethered to a chimney as a two-year-old while my father worked on shingles. As a youngster I spent much of my time following my father around, chanting “Work, work, work.” He obviously had the patience of Job.

Blue Sky Building Company builds fantastic homes for the nicest clients on earth. We have been very privileged over the years to be a part of numerous award winning projects. While it is nice to be recognized for quality and innovation, our greatest achievement is be able to consistently provide high quality homes for our clients.

Our ultimate aim is not to get bigger, just better. We will only achieve that by providing the best quality and highest level of customer service.


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Answers from contractors near Shallotte, NC

Carpenter bees out of reach! Anything that can be done?

Glenn Clifton answered:

May 23, 2017
There is a bee spray you can mix in a pump up and reach the higher carpenter bee holes. This worked for me.
Can vinyl shutters be painted? We have some shutters that were black but have since become very faded.
Jun 12, 2014
Yes Vinyl can absolutely be painted! Be sure to clean it well before applying the paint.  Using a paint that has more sheen to it will bring a more protective finish.  Most customers of ours prefer us ... read more

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