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West Seattle Natural Energy LLC

At West Seattle Natural Energy we offer free Solar and Wind Energy site evaluations. They don't take very long, but allow us to design the appropriate size and type of system for your needs and budget. Call or email us to get started today!


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Answers from contractors near Seattle, WA

Can vinyl shutters be painted? We have some shutters that were black but have since become very faded.

Joe Reed of Home Run Solutions PRO answered:

Sep 2, 2015
About 6 years back we installed replacement shutters on a 1930's era home. The origonal wood shutters were painted black but had serious rot issues after years of enduring the wet conditions of the Pa ... read more
Are galvanized nails supposed to be used when nailing studs in a pressure treated sill plate on a slab? or is 3 inch smooth framing nails code?
Jun 8, 2014
The correct nail to be used is a Hot dipped galvanized nail. Nail diameter and size are different on all applications . A regular galvanized nail is only electo galvanized meaning as soon as the drive ... read more

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