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Renovate and Restore

Co-Founders, Stephen M. Jaron and Eugene E. Jaron, bring a combined total of over 50 years of experience to Renovate & Restore and ECHELON Construction. The benefits of their experience, working relationships, a sense of teamwork, a keen competitive edge, and guaranteed professional service are part of every project. Renovate & Restore, LLC was founded in 2000 and has completed numerous residential construction and commercial construction projects in the Northeastern US and Southwest Florida including Naples, Marco Island, Bonita Springs, Ft Myers, Port Royal, Pelican Bay, and Park Shore, Moorings and Bay Colony. Renovate & Restore and ECHELON Construction are the perfect size to begin a new job with minimum lead time and complete it on-time and on-budget while ensuring that each client receives personalized service. When scheduling new projects, we carefully consider the resources required to successfully complete new and current work while maintaining our high standard of service.


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Answers from contractors near Naples, FL

I recently discovered that the interior support for a slumpstone column that holds up a small roof overhang was missing or rotted. Is this a job for a mason?
Feb 2, 2017
Tear off cimney from roof, cover plywood hole, and install roofing to match
What is the best way to clean granite countertops
Sep 21, 2015
We use and reccommend TS&G Disinfectant & Cleaner. It is made by MIRACLE Sealants Company and you can use it safely on Tile, Stone, & Grout. It kills Molds & Mildew, Disinfects, Bacter ... read more

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