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Have you been dreaming of a new kitchen, bath, family room or addition? We listen carefully and work with you in order to create the ideal space that suits your lifestyle, needs and budget. We provide outstanding quality and service at a fair price, ALWAYS! Our number one priority is to develop a long-term relationship with you built on trust, value and your complete satisfaction.


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Answers from contractors near Clarksburg, MD

roof vents placed behind 4ft walls in finished attic dont do squat for ventilation. no place for soffit vents, siding is asbestos so gable vents too pricey.
Jul 9, 2014
Hey William,  I would say your best bet is to shingle over the vents and edge the vents at eaves. This way you are able to allow for intake and continuous ridge vent for exhaust. Hope this helps! Er ... read more
What's the best way to test out if my roof is leaking before it rains?
If you can get into your attic you should be able to see evidence of leaks. Look for staining and/or rotting wood at walls and penetrations.

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