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Have you been dreaming of a new kitchen, bath, family room or addition? We listen carefully and work with you in order to create the ideal space that suits your lifestyle, needs and budget. We provide outstanding quality and service at a fair price, ALWAYS! Our number one priority is to develop a long-term relationship with you built on trust, value and your complete satisfaction.


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Answers from contractors near Clarksburg, MD

Is there anything I can do from inside my attic to battle ice dams? I'll worry about preventing them next, for now I have them and want to speed up their melt.

Ben Matthews of BRAX Roofing PRO answered:

Sep 11, 2017
An ice and water shield is a key component of most roofing systems. Just what is ICE and water shield? It is a type of roof underlayment used in new construction and re-roofing projects. It is common ... read more
Do you have to use a specific light bulb when using a dimmer switch.

Mike Goldberg of RestoreCore PRO answered:

Jul 21, 2016
Good information above,  Most fourescant bulbs can not be dimmed without special ballast and dimmer.  The dimmer should be rated for the total watts of the bulbs used.  If using LED bulbs make sure th ... read more

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