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Hardwood Flooring Guys

Hardwood Flooring Guys is a renowned manufacturer, distributor and retailer of Hardwood Flooring in Toronto. We also provide laminate, engineered and vinyl flooring and floor installation and repair services at affordable prices.


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Answers from contractors near Toronto, ON

can i replace the formica on my kitchen counters without pulling out and replacing the whole counter. In other words, can you cement new formica over what is t
Nov 18, 2015
For what you will spend in time and effort on this type of repair, I would suggest you look at granite as an option.  Many local fabricators are offering specials on material that (depending on your s ... read more
What areas of a new home should you pay special attention to during the 30 day warranty walk through?

Rob Myers of Myers Homes PRO answered:

Nov 15, 2014
After 30 days most likely areas that might have issues are any fixtures or appliances- mostly they have an issue right away or are good for many years! Also, check under your sinks to make sure that t ... read more

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