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Certified Luxury Builders

Certified Luxury Builders have been building custom homes and remodeling luxury condos and homes in exclusive communities from New York to Los Angeles and Boston to Naples for decades. We're proud to be America's largest luxury builder brand.

In addition to our employees, Certified Luxury Builders treat our subcontractors, suppliers, affiliates, and our clients as members of our team. It is our goal to make certain that everyone who has contact with our brand, shares in the predictable excellence of a Certified Luxury Builder 5 Star experience.

Grisselle Escotto


Answers from contractors near Bonita Springs, FL

I had vinyl replacement windows installed three years ago in my 70 year old brick home. Could bad installation (shims?) be causing interior wood to pull away?
Nov 15, 2017
I dont really see any water damage. They could have by accident impacted the trim with the shims. Maybe send a pcture of the outside and that should tell us a little more

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