Decks Unlimited

I’m Craig Small, President and Master Carpenter of Decks Unlimited. I have over 24 years of deck design and construction experience. In 1993 while attending college and working at United Parcel Service (UPS),I started working with a friend who started a small pressure washing and deckstaining business he called Decks Unlimited. Most of our time was spent stuffing mailboxes with flyers that promoted our work. We started developing a positive reputation and eventually formed a customer base. From the start, making the customer happy has been our number one goal. After about a year, the original founder decided to work for a prominent local builder and I did my best to grow Decks Unlimited. The first few years were not very busy, but through quality work and high level of customer satisfaction, Decks Unlimited developed a great reputation and business started picking up. I am thankful for the customers I have served over the years and looking forward to serving future customers as well.

Types of work

Sunrooms & patio enclosures 18
Covered porch 18
Patio covers & pergolas 18
Deck building & maintenance 18
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Guildmember since 2019
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