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Texas Stone Sealers

Texas Stone Sealers is a home service company specializing in natural stone cleaning and sealing. We clean and seal flagstone, sandstone, limestone, moss rock, travertine, slate, concrete, masonry, and more. In addition we have several professional grade stone, brick, wood, and concrete sealants available for DIYers who want professional results.

For over two decades, the professional stone cleaners and sealers at Texas Stone Sealers have been helping homeowners preserve, protect, and clean their precious natural stone. In addition, Texas Stone Sealers cleans driveways, concrete, masonry and brick, pool copings, marble countertops, and much more.

Whether you have a stone patio that you want to protect from mold and mildew or calcium efflorescence, or your wooden deck or concrete patio is dirty and needs to be cleaned and sealed, we can help.

We seal flagstone, concrete, sandstone, travertine, slate, marble, and more using our proprietary blend of TSS Pro sealants that protect your outdoor services for years, guaranteed. No other pro stone sealers in the business offer a guaranteed like ours.

If you are an avid DIYer, we also sell our TSS Pro sealants by the gallon, and have a large selection that you can choose from to find the perfect finish and level of protection.

Call us today to schedule an estimate, or browse and order our TSS Pro sealer online and do-it-yourself!


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