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TCT Construction, Inc.

General contracting work related to: Plumbing, electrical, framing, tile designs, custom cabinets, sheetrock, painting, gutters, wood replacement, stonework, concrete, landscape designs, driveway pavers, Interior and exterior designs, etc.

A licensed and insured contractor with 15 plus years of experience.

Success Means: (Working Harder, Going Further, Giving More) than anyone else.

Answers from contractors near Gainesville, GA

I just had a new home built and they did not put on gutters and they did not tell me in advance. Is this unusual because many people have been shocked by it!
Jul 11, 2017
From time to time, we get called to evaluate problems with homes, To answer your direct question, "No it's not as unusual as you must think." There are reasons as Christen and Paula have mentioned abo ... read more
I'm starting to see bigger cracks down my driveway's expansion joints. Do any of the seam sealers work better than the others?
DuraShield by StreetBond, which is a Quest Construction Building product will solve your issue with driveway cracks.  This product will need to be applied every 5yrs or so, depending on the weather co ... read more

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