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Robert D Youngs Contractor

Specialties: Kitchens, bathrooms, whole-house remodeling, additions . . . plus: bedrooms, entries, rooms added/expanded . . . wood trim and millwork, cabinets, windows, doors, decks, siding, and exterior remodels.

History: Established in 1984.

After many years working for other contractors building commercial, institutional, industrial, recreational, manufacturing, multi-unit residential, multi-million dollar single family estates, etcetera, and working for an architect for awhile, I decided to start my own business (a childhood dream I've always had). I wanted to be involved in helping my neighbors and friends create beautiful living and work environments. Since one of my greatest assets is problem-solving, I wanted to do something that complimented this - remodeling is absolutely the best fit I could have found . . . from design through the finishing touches it is problem-solving in every way. And, I have always enjoyed getting to know people, so the idea of working in and around peoples' homes seemed a good fit also. I've now been doing this more than 31 years on my own. Details are very important to me - clients do not find things I haven't finished.

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can i replace the formica on my kitchen counters without pulling out and replacing the whole counter. In other words, can you cement new formica over what is t
Sep 3, 2015
No.  I don't think that is a good idera.  You are not going to be happy with result.  Hold off spending money doing what you are recommending until you have money to do it the right way. Philip Anders ... read more

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