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Revolve Solar LLC

Revolve Solar is the largest Austin-based solar installation company specializing in residential and commercial projects. Founded by entrepreneur Tim Padden, Revolve commenced in early 2012 and quickly replicated its formula to compete in Redding, Chico, and Vacaville in Northern California.

Recently Revolve was named #36 in the nation on Solar Power World's 2015 Top 500 Solar Contractors List. They've also been recognized as the 2015 "Best Solar Company" in Redding California and the 2nd fastest-growing company in Central Texas. Learn More at

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what is the process to cancel contract with in the three day period? The paperwork is missing (unreadable) that information due to printing issues.
Apr 13, 2016
Texas also has a 3 day RoR.
Last edited May 18, 2016 3:35pm
What's the first thing to start with when doing a bathroom redesign/remodel?
Feb 18, 2014
The first thing is to decide is this going to be just a swap out of fixtures in place of existing fixtures, a full custom redesign of your bath or a combination of those two. Then you should create a ... read more

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