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Pro Picture Hanging, LLC

Pro Picture Hanging, LLC is your complete solution for Hanging Art, Hanging Mirrors, Hanging Pictures, Hanging Curtains and Rods and Mounting Televisions.

We specialize in installations of complex groupings on stone, rock, brick, concrete and on unreachable walls that require scaffolds. We have the proper fasteners on our trucks for every imaginable situation, no matter what your installation needs are.

Chris Thomas

Littleton, CO
Picture hanging, Tv mounting, Mirror hanging, +2

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New to Charlotte and living in Myers Park. How much should it cost to paint a living room (22'4"x14'6") and a study (14'2"x12'6")?
Apr 25, 2014
Most painters will charge about $300 to $500 per room for rooms of that size depending on the type of paint you are requesting to be used.  That is assuming that the room is empty and items like crown ... read more

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