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Precise Flooring & Showers

Precise Flooring and Showers believes in providing only the best quality craftsmanship. Located in Vista CA and servicing all San Diego county. Whether you are remodeling your own home or commercial building we can help with everything from start to finish. We pride ourselves on customer service and customer satisfaction. We have done some our finest city's most prestigious buildings including the historic Village Inn Hotel on Coronado, Hilton Bayfront, Pacific Palisades resort and much more! If you are looking for an expert you've found us!

Answers from contractors near Vista, CA

Are solar shingles a good option for my home?
Solar shingles are expensive and unproven.  I recommend Sun Power photo voltaic solar.  An average home is $20,000 to $30,000 and the return on investment is 4 to 6 years on a 25 plus year system.
Before hiring an architect or designer for my addition, what sort of questions should I ask them?
Ask for references and speak to past clients to find out if the architect can design within budget.  Find out if the architect has experience doing residential remodeling.  Get a complete price for th ... read more

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