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OneWorld Sustainable

Considered a forerunner in the industry, OneWorld Sustainable’s solar project portfolio includes hundreds of grid-tied PV systems ranging in size from 2kW to .5MW. We've also installed various types of systems including: roof-mounted PV, solar car charging stations, educational PV, and large-scale, ground-mounted systems for landowners who are interested in long-term investment opportunities with significant return. In addition to solar PV, OneWorld Sustainable’s energy efficiency audits have helped commercial and residential clients save thousands of dollars in utility expenses.

Answers from contractors near Lexington, GA

Cindy: Sorry I was gone so long...something came up, but I'm back and this time with photos of the arch window!
Mar 26, 2015
Hello Linda, Yep, looks like the seal has failed on your 1/2 circle top window, as well as the grids having collapsed. Easiest and most cost effective way for you handle this is to find a glass repla ... read more
Is painting bathroom tile a good solution for tile that is in good condition but not a desirable color?
Feb 24, 2014
Where is the tile, John? If it is on the floor or anywhere near bathroom moisture, painting is probably not the best solution.

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