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OV Lifestyles, LLC

Building**Development**Real Estate**Property Management**Investment**Finance**Consulting Innovative Entrepreneurial Developer/Financier seeking opportunities to utilize, a career based skill set in the area of Commercial/Residential Construction & Development, Financing, Investment Analysis, Project Construction and Management. Real Estate Marketing, Management and Leasing, Venture Structuring, Rezoning and Permitting. Specialties

Building * Development * Real Estate * Rezoning * Investment Financing Permitting * Construction Management Consulting * Condominium Regimes * Reserve Study Analysis and Investment Strategy. Lots, Land Acquisition

Answers from contractors near Virgina Beach, VA

What's the best way to know my builder is staying on top of building my new home if I'm far away in another state during the project?

Bruce Wiegan of BNW Builders PRO answered:

Apr 18, 2015
Emails (for documentation) and photos.
Cindy: Sorry I was gone so long...something came up, but I'm back and this time with photos of the arch window!

Bruce Wiegan of BNW Builders PRO answered:

Apr 18, 2015
Definitely looks like a seal failure.  The seal is broken which is causing the cloudy glass.  If the glass is not under warranty you should be able to contact a local glass company to do the repair fo ... read more

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