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O'Neal Builders

Mission Statement

"To build distinctive custom homes of exceptional quality and value while providing superior customer service. We value operating with the utmost honesty and integrity to surpass our customer’s expectation of satisfaction and quality workmanship."

One of the most important financial decisions an individual can make is building a new home. We at O’Neal Builders understand this and are committed to building your quality home as well as providing superior customer satisfaction. We also know that building a home requires incredible attention to detail and entails numerous important decisions. As a service-oriented homebuilder, we want our homeowners to enjoy this exciting time.

Combining building and carpentry experiences, Jim O’Neal(President/Owner) has an excellent eye for detail. Amy O’Neal’s (Interior Designer) degree in design and her previous experiences in customer satisfaction have brought a unique approach to the building process.

Project Managers Bill Fry and Bill Bruner are fine additions to the O’Neal Builders team. Making sure materials arrive to the job-site on time and trade labor is scheduled appropriately are just a small part of running a quality job. Their combined career experiences have taught us that customer service and satisfaction are a number one priority.

Internally, David Current plays a vital role in estimating the costs associated with each job, and ensuring materials are purchased as dictated by the construction calendar. Overseeing the daily business activities of the office, as well as guiding homeowners through the selections process is our Customer Care and Office Manager Matt Wilson. He ties the company together by managing the associated business activities of O’Neal Builders, and providing exceptional customer service to our homeowners.

The O’Neal Builders team is actively involved in the building process. This ensures only the highest quality of customer satisfaction. Continual contact on a daily basis through the building process ensures our customer’s needs are met. Prompt attention to follow-ups and warranty service are top priorities. By achieving such high standards, we ensure homeowner satisfaction.

We at O’Neal Builders genuinely care about the quality of homes we build and about the customers who place their trust in our skill.

  • NAHB Certified Green Professional
  • NAHB Graduate Master Builder (GMB)
  • National Association of Home Builders (NAHB)
  • SMA Consulting

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