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NewRidge Refinishing Group

Our story is comprised of multiple stories from the craftspeople working at this company. Telling those stories one at a time is complicated compared to sharing the common theme for our interior woodworking business; a love of the craft. At our company we recognized that there is a group of homeowners who value their time as well as the quality of services they need. Our team decided to commit to this niche market because our talents AND our quality of communication are what differentiates this company.

Have you ever had to live out of a hotel for more than a week? The process can really grate on your nerves and become exhausting. We know the feeling because we have been there too, so we work to provide consistent quality without any mistakes that can encumber your time. Read on and we will tell you how we do this.

Evaluating key elements of the refinishing and installation business for more than ten years with our customer surveys and follow up phone calls have proven that clear expectations for timelines, product quality, and workmanship are number one. From the smallest details of how to transition from wood to tile all the way to how to refinish your staircase in a schedule that works with your painter. It takes experience and passion to ensure your job is treated as a complete project.

We have identified and hired the best tradesmen in this area thoroughly. Each person working with this group has been evaluated in person for quality of workmanship by reviewing multiple completed jobs. In addition, we validate references to ensure there are no surprises later.

Newridge Refinishing Group is owned and managed by Scott Newman, a second-generation flooring professional. Growing up in the business means that his management style is well balanced for pairing your needs with the best tradesman in the company for the job. Because of our commitment to the customer, our reputation online is among the best for the southern Ontario region.

Our words are one thing, but we encourage you to check us out for yourself.

If you feel that we are a good fit, then we encourage you to contact us by phone or email. We promise to respond quickly and assess your needs so that we can serve you in a timely manner. Thanks for reading and have a great day.

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