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M-Pac Designs

​M-PAC Designs excels in accommodating your ever changing lifestyle by creating and implementing your new indoor or outdoor living environment. M-PAC Designs is a full spectrum company who will provide unrivaled service to every customer in workmanship, performance, pricing and customer satisfaction. We are also a community orientated company who volunteers a portion of the proceeds from each completed project to local charities.

Answers from contractors near St. Peters, MO

Wires of window sensors to alarm snipped.
Feb 19, 2018
I'm actually not seeing a wire sticking out of the wall to connect to (in either picture).  There should be a wire sticking out somewhere, unless they also clipped that off, or stuffed it behind the w ... read more
We are looking at houses and found on that we like but it has a CAT SMELL, especially in the basement. Is there any way to truly remove the smell?
Sep 25, 2014
If you use a black light you can target the urine areas soak in white vinegar leave for ten min wet vacuum as much up as you can mix up a cup of water with a quarter size dawn dish detergant put in sp ... read more

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