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HD&D Construction

HD&D CONSTRUCTION CORPORATION is a full service "one stop shop" that focuses on residential & commercial construction and services all of California. The company is a privately held small business, HUB zone small business, and minority-owned employee owned company originally established in 2005. HD&D was founded, by former FORTUNE 500 executive professionals on the principle that a small company, with the right systems can operate with the power of a much larger company thereby establishing the most effective price and quality paradigm per project and per client. Construction, to us, is both an art and a science. Aside from our service modality, our proprietary algorithm-based management systems allows us to achieve this paradigm. And, we are proud to be a GREEN company; we consider the environment in our business.

We are able to stay competitive for a number of reasons. One of which is by forgoing an expensive office in favor of a de-centralized operating model. We are also selective as to what work we take on. Risk management and critical path modeling are integral to determine where we can give the best value to our clients.

We are separated into two business units:

HD&D CONSTRUCTION: Commercial/Business-to-Business specialty trade work

EVEREST HOMES & REMODELING: Residential/Business-to-Consumer remodeling and new home construction

And, we partner with HERNANDEZ DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT, a leading provider in building/plan design services and construction services ranging from entitlements to permits.

Essential to our delivery of a cost effective and quality project is the proper management of laborers and subcontractors. We understand the importance of the local and national subcontracting and the need to find the most qualified and cost effective solution for each trade. We have developed relationships with a growing number of experienced subcontractors and suppliers. This means the most solid processes and the lowest possible pricing.

Through our management systems our subcontractors are able to reduce their actual costs to complete the work. Additionally, our prompt payment (rare in the industry today) enables HD&D Construction to receive preferred pricing and optimum subcontractor and supplier performance on the job.

We actively coordinate with small businesses similar to our own, some are even other General Contractors. We understand the void in the industry where many of our trade partners are unable to support a lack of work out there. Hence, we have negotiated arrangements to get them working, to foster job growth and to yield satisfied clients.

As previously mentioned, we work with different local construction companies (including general contractors) as partners on projects utilizing our management systems to together bring the job in under budget and exceeding the expectations set with the client. Utilizing our management systems we vow to a 125% outcome compared to their conventional modalities, as compared to their current operation without these systems, which assures satisfaction as a guarantee. This is done in a procedural manner that as former Fortune 500 executives we are poised, learned and have innovated to the extent we can provide service above the ordinary or stereotypical.

Core to our service methodology:


No marketing fluff through the process, just true construction *

One-contact per job for client to coordinate with *

Daily reporting *

Streamlined project management *

Sharp cost and quality control *

Detailed accounting methodologies *

Scheduling process and procedures *

Subcontractor management *

Site management *

21-point Quality Assurance program *

HD&D Construction Safety program *

Training on the latest building codes *

Experience as a frame of reference

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