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Granite Transformations - Seattle

We are a specialty kitchen and bathroom remodel contractor. Our no-demolition process eliminates the mess, inconvenience and cost of traditional demolition remodeling. Using quartz, stone and recycled slabs and custom glass mosaic back splashes, we can update most kitchens in a single day. We offer similar updates in the bathroom shower, tub to shower conversions and new vanity tops. Our products carry a limited life time warranty. We offer cabinet refacing services which greatly reduces the time and cost of updating kitchen and bathroom cabinets


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Answers from contractors near Tukwila, WA

Real grass or artificial grass? Which is better in the long run?
Dec 11, 2014
As a builder I could tell you there is no right answer. I built my home on the water and I have switched from eal grass to artificial . My reasoning was to conserve water and time. Now I can also foca ... read more
Last edited Dec 11, 2014 10:04am
Are galvanized nails supposed to be used when nailing studs in a pressure treated sill plate on a slab? or is 3 inch smooth framing nails code?
Jun 8, 2014
The correct nail to be used is a Hot dipped galvanized nail. Nail diameter and size are different on all applications . A regular galvanized nail is only electo galvanized meaning as soon as the drive ... read more

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