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Focalpoint Renovations

We are a full-service home improvements & remodeling company serving the southern New Hampshire and northern Massachusetts area. Our goal is to provide a single resource for all of your renovation & remodeling needs. We offer over 27 years of experience in commercial & residential construction ranging from small repairs to major renovations.


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Answers from contractors near Seabrook, NH

roof vents placed behind 4ft walls in finished attic dont do squat for ventilation. no place for soffit vents, siding is asbestos so gable vents too pricey.
Jun 13, 2014
If the space behind the knee wall is clear from end to end and you install gable end vents at each end then that would keep the eaves from freezing and causing ice dams.Make sure the knee wall is well ... read more
How can I stay on good terms with our neighbors during a big construction project?
May 19, 2014
This is a great question! I think the most important aspect of staying in your neighbor's good graces is good communication. NEDC likes to have one of our team go around the neighborhood personally at ... read more

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