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Erik Homes LLC

Erik Homes - Designing and Delivering Custom Properties throughout Hampton Roads and the Peninsula since 2003. Our philosophy is simple; every person, process, and best practice is built around two basic ideals: first, homeowners, architects, and designers will enjoy the total combined experience of working with our team. Second, the project outcome will meet or exceed expectations at every stage of the relationship. It's a bold position that has enabled us to build extraordinary homes that last a lifetime and client relationships that will last just as long.


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  • NAHB Certified Graduate Builder

Answers from contractors near Virginia Beach, VA

can i replace the formica on my kitchen counters without pulling out and replacing the whole counter. In other words, can you cement new formica over what is t
Oct 30, 2015
Our tile contractor installed tile over his with a hardwood stained bullnose and backsplash.  He went with an 1/8" grout line and used epoxy grout.  It looks great!
I will need to start thinking about repainting the exterior of my home, what's new in products and paint?

Bruce Wiegan of BNW Builders PRO answered:

Apr 18, 2015
Are you looking solely for paint options or new exterior cladding options.  If the latter, go to Great product.

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