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Erik Homes LLC

Erik Homes - Designing and Delivering Custom Properties throughout Hampton Roads and the Peninsula since 2003. Our philosophy is simple; every person, process, and best practice is built around two basic ideals: first, homeowners, architects, and designers will enjoy the total combined experience of working with our team. Second, the project outcome will meet or exceed expectations at every stage of the relationship. It's a bold position that has enabled us to build extraordinary homes that last a lifetime and client relationships that will last just as long.


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  • NAHB Certified Graduate Builder

Answers from contractors near Virginia Beach, VA

Do you have any information you can send me delineating home improvements that will add appraisal value to my home, and possibly quantify those values?
Jan 11, 2018
I would recommend that you look at remodeling magazine. They do an annual study of cost versus value For mini interior and exterior home improvements.
I have trim boards to install that will cap over exposed block foundation. What ways should I attach these? They will be primed and painted when installed.
Jul 31, 2016
You can also use Tapcon masonry screws.  Pre drill. Countersink if you want to hide screw heads with wood filler or Bondo. 

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