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Elite Consulting Pro

We are passionate about this industry. Building a referral base of completely satisfied homeowners is the business lifeline of any restoration contractor. Restoring commercial and residential properties is what we do. But like it or not, we are in the “people business.” A contractor’s ability to create a uniquely positive, “customer experience” for the homeowner is the single most important skill to master in our trade.

“Insurance Restoration Specialist,” continues to be a term so loosely thrown around these days, it has lost all credible meaning. As you may know, our industry is negatively affected by under-trained salespeople claiming to be “experts in their field,” who are far from it. Poorly trained sales people oftentimes make up the majority of your competition. Obviously, there are well know contractors who provide a level of customer service and knowledge of our industry. Unfortunately, the reputation of these organizations can be negatively affected by your competition's "representatives" who oftentimes have only 2-3 days “field training” at best. Unsuspecting homeowners tend to suffer the most from this lack of professionalism. As a billion dollar industry, we can do better than this.

Our focal point remains providing your salespeople the tools and knowledge necessary to ensure lasting success in this business, while leaving the homeowner with a positively unique "customer experience" they will never forget!

Restoring the industries’ image is a passion of mine and has become my life’s work. Course training will teach you specific methods of “Working Smarter, Not Harder!” You will be taught strategy in generating business through referrals, not prospecting! In short, you will learn how to BE ELITE, and you never look back.

I guarantee it.

Jacob Krahl Managing Director/Instructor o. 855.WE.STORM c. 972.992.8086 Be a Pro. Go ELITE.

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