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Atlas Coatings & Construction

Atlas Coatings & Construction has been a Kansas City favorite for over 15yrs now. We are a full service Restoration & Remodeling company based out of Olathe, Kansas since January of 2005. From drywall repair to replacing siding, we put craftsmanship first.

If you just need a room painted we can cover that. If you need the siding on your home's exterior replaced, our company has a unique history that speaks for its self. Owner Nathan Deneault started framing back in 1995 for a large outfit in Kansas City, that was 25yrs ago!

We strive to be one of KC's best Remodeling/Repair/Renovation companies. Our expertise includes drywall repairs and installs from small to large. We can remodel the ceilings of your home by re-texturing it, or leaving them “flat” surfaced. Whatever the reason: leaks from a not-so sealed roof, or a pipe bursting.. we are your best option for your drywall needs. We have been THE company in the Kansas City Area for the last 15yrs promoting ceiling & drywall repair. We are the original, we are the best because we strive to add the artistic component that is needed to get the correct "match" of drywall texture to make your repair as seamless as humanly possible. This isn't just talk, this is our attitude toward any repair or renovation we are involved in.

Before starting Atlas Coatings & Construction, Nathan Deneault worked for a few “remodelers” and found out quick that there is a portion of companies out there that do NOT have the customer’s best interest in mind. What is it worth to you to have an a company come to your home and give you an honest assessment of your project? Where you are informed of all aspects of the repair, where communication is open..

We are the best bet to get what you are told you are going to get for your money. How would you like to make a call and have your project completed the correct way and in a timely manner from the start?

Owner/Operator Nathan Deneault pledges to continue Atlas Coatings & Construction's high standard of finish and satisfaction. When we come to your home to evaluate your project, we give you our honest bottom dollar price, and provide you with not only great customer service, but also the craftsmanship to get the job done right, the first time.

THE most important aspect to any successful project completed is knowing how to get from point "A" to your project's completion. Not only possessing the knowledge and tooling to get your project done correctly; doing it with as little clutter/mess and obstruction to your daily routine as possible. It isn't the knowledge of just one aspect of a job that is important. It is the overall knowledge of how a structure is put together and how each element works with others, that will make or break your project and or pocketbook. Sometimes there is a cheap fix, many/most times doing the completing the job in textbook form, is the only way to be truly happy with the money spent.

Atlas Coatings & Construction has volunteered for disaster relief many times. Most notably the 2005/2006 Hurricane Katrina auction house in Olathe, were we completed wood rot repair and painted the exterior. Another we are 100% ECSTATIC about was being asked to join in an “Elite” crew on Extreme Makeover Home Edition Episode 200 (the last official show) where we rebuilt a small section of Joplin, Mo after the 2013 Tornado for the people of Joplin. NEVER has giving felt so good!

Please give us a call today!

-Nathan Deneault Atlas Coatings & Construction (913) 980-3823


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I have cracks in my basement concrete. What type of expert can tell me if the problem is serious? How do I find someone who can give me an unbiased appraisal?
Nov 19, 2015
All concrete has cracks. The difference is if it leaking or getting worse. Call the local wterproofing or mudd jacking contractor for a site visit.
Is it normal for new gutters to "snap" as they cool down in the evening?
It is tough to say allthough tt can be normal assuming the gutters/fascia are metal and in an area of the home that receives direct sunlight (enough to cause expansion and contraction).  IMO

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