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Van Buren Inc.

Van Buren Inc is a design/build firm that creates custom homes with elegant style and lasting beauty, quality has been our number 1 focus since 1960.

QUALITY RELATIONSHIPS. Our Clients are the number one focus. If we can build a great relationship with our clients, than we know we can build them a great home.

QUALITY CRAFTSMANSHIP. All builders have access to the same materials, labor and geography, so what sets them apart? The amount of time and experience they devote to the craft. We’ve been building house for 48 years now and Van Buren Homes have a quality you can feel.

QUALITY EXPERIENCE. We know that reputation precedes a builder and we strive to engineer a customer experience that creates friendships that last as long as the home will.

IN OUR 48 YEARS building homes we know each client comes to us at a different step in the building process. Wherever you are let us show you why Van Buren Inc is the company to take the next step with.


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Answers from contractors near West Provo, UT

We just moved into a new home with a heat pump (new for me). The master suite stays about 5 degrees colder than the rest of the house. Any ideas why?

Chelsea Clark of Liberty Homes PRO answered:

Mar 4, 2016
I agree - we would need to know more about the layout of your home to provide an answer. Some questions for you: Is your bedroom above a garage or below an attic (as Marian noted below)? How far from ... read more
just a ball park figure ,thinking of buying a new home and i was wondering how much extra it would cost to have it wired for surround sound and a security syste

Chelsea Clark of Liberty Homes PRO answered:

Feb 19, 2016
It really would depend on the size of the system, but to rough in surround sound shouldn't be more than around $1500. In regards to security systems, most of them are wireless these days and don't hav ... read more

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