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SEI Construction

Serving Central Jersey with more than 25 years in high-end home remodeling, custom renovations, fine cabinetry and historical preservation experience; we know it’s not the size of the job that matters, but the opportunity to provide residential construction projects of distinction.

When it comes to the place your family calls “home,” the difference is in the details. From traditional renovations to elaborate restorations no detail is too small, no design too ornate. Our skilled staff works hard to maintain a quality of lifestyle for customers while getting the job done beautifully, effectively, on time, and on budget.

Our unwavering commitment to detail and quality has earned us the accolades which we hold each and every job to. Our workmanship has proved so impressive that our completed cabinetry installations have been used in leading manufacturer’s brochures and web-sites nationwide. Furthermore, we have also been recognized and cited for our accuracy in historical preservations and restorations on both a commercial and residential level.

In 2000 the Township of Cranford’s Historical Preservation Committee acknowledged SEI for an “Historically Accurate Rehabilitation”. They cited our work as one that “enhanced the town and maintained and preserved its historic place in New Jersey.

Additionally in 2002, SEI was honored with a Merit Award for “Accurate Restoration of a Home Exterior” from the Metropolitan Association of Architects, an association dedicated to organized design excellence.

Answers from contractors near Westfield, NJ

We have a 1300 sq ft brick ranch style house we are slowly remodeling. I would like to add a front porch with open gable roof with exposed stained beams.
Apr 13, 2020
Lisa,  A project like this can range in cost.  A Good starting point for front porches can be around $115/square foot. 
What is the best way to install 30" high x 72" wide x 5/8 thick double pane fixed glass in vertical wall on roof. I am replacing "cloudy"existing ones
Feb 16, 2015
Glenn- I agree with my colleagues that you should hire a professional to do this.  Contact the manufacturer and see if they will install the glass, what the cost is, and how long the installation warr ... read more

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