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G & G General Contractors

Dallas Office: 5050 Quorum Dr. Suite 700 Dallas, TX 75254

Houston Office: 1095 Evergreen Cir. Suite 200 The Woodlands Tx. 77380

G&G is a part of a Family Owned Group of Companies, all related to construction, and was founded in 1986, with construction in our veins, its been our vocation to serve the home owners and property owners for more that 26 Years, trusting us with one of their most important assets of their life, their business or home. As General Contractors, not only we build ideas, we also restore them, we have proper adjuster and forensic engineering training, as well as years of experience dealing with insurance companies and reading and writing scopes of damage, our job here is to guide you though the whole process making sure you get what you need from your insurance company to restore your property with the best quality possible to its Pre-Storm, Pre-Damaged condition or better, our goal is that through all this process you don't have to worry about a thing, well maybe one, choose your color of your new materials With our team of expert estimators and billing department, we make sure we get you what you deserve, the best quality material and certified labor, with a great guaranty, in time, on one of the biggest and most important assets in your life, your home or business!! Roof by Roof we are nailing it!!!


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Answers from contractors near Dallas, TX

roof vents placed behind 4ft walls in finished attic dont do squat for ventilation. no place for soffit vents, siding is asbestos so gable vents too pricey.
May 21, 2014
Hi William,  Have you looked into ridge vent? Do you know how many LF your ridge is? 
What should I know about installing a Rumford fireplace?
May 19, 2014
Interior chimneys are at least 4" larger in all four directions than the flue they contain. A chimney containing a 12"x12" clay flue liner must be at least 20" by 20". Combustible materials must be ke ... read more

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