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United Solar Associates

Our company is a family owned business. We specialize in residential and commercial solar photovoltaic and hybrid solar photovoltaic and solar thermal systems. Our team of skilled solar professionals delivers cost-effective solutions that will require minimum or no maintenance. Our solar panel sales and installation process is streamlined to make adding solar to your home simple and cost-effective. Each of our projects is designed to minimize your investment while reducing your energy consumption. We guarantee your satisfaction!


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Answers from contractors near Malden, MA

Is adding blown in insulation a good way to eliminate ice damming and what other steps can be taken?
Apr 10, 2016
This time of year, we start receiving panicked emergency calls for leaky roofs that failed during the tough winter season. Most roofs fail long before their anticipated lifespan and not just because o ... read more
What type of flooring could be installed over top of a cork floor that would both protect the cork floor underneath and be durable?
Oct 21, 2014
I would recommend a clik together flooring that would be floating over the cork. That way you canĀ install and remove it easily and there should be no damage to the cork below.

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