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Lightning Construction & Design is one of the fastest growing home improvement companies in California. We took our passion for quality and professionalism and used it to launch our venture in the fall of 2004. Our dream was to help California homeowners find an honest,reliable builder that delivers excellence. Now we have made that dream a reality. Lightning Construction & Design is a one-stop shop where we provide you with 3-D design, contracting and a promise to do our best work. Lightning Construction & Design provides financing options that allow some clients to bring their projects together with less financial concerns. Our Design mission has always been providing client satisfaction and excellent customer service. We are not looking to work with you for just one project. We want to create a long-term relationship that builds trust and allows us to create an army of satisfied customers.

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i just had all the windows replaced in my home, why am i getting moisture on the inside of some of the windows and puddles on the window sills?

Tom Boyle answered:

Jul 9, 2021
The window (frame) surface is cold, but the air in the apartment is humid. Humid air condenses on a cold surface (when it drops below the dewpoint temperature). So you can either make the window fram ... read more
Considering using Corastone for a shower. Anyone have knowledge or experience with this material? Thanks
May 22, 2014
Corastone is a uniquely engineered material designed to combine the beauty of natural stone with the durability and easymaintenance of a solid surface. With our exclusive manufacturing process, we are ... read more
Last edited May 3, 2016 1:57pm

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