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imagineer Remodeling

We’re home renovation and remodeling specialists who have revolutionized the industry by cutting costs, not class. We’re the importers of affordable, adjustable, high end cabinetry, without the wait you’d expect with other importers. As one of the fastest growing kitchen remodeling and home renovation companies in Southern California, we take pride in the fact that our business is built on our customers’ happiness, satisfaction, dreams and imagination.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff of designers, contractors and renovation specialists at Imagineer Remodeling are committed to providing superior customer service and satisfaction in addition to taking you through each and every step of your home design or renovation project.

Imagineer Remodeling is one of the fastest growing kitchen corporations in Southern California. Despite the climate of our recent economy, we have continued to grow by offering beautiful kitchens and home remodeling services you’ve always dreamed of at a fraction of the price. We compromise on cost, but never on quality or class.

The home renovation products, accessories and customized pieces we offer are all high-end imports that significantly out rank the domestically-manufactured kitchens of the same price bracket. Our solid wood merchandise is considerably less expensive than domestically produced particle board kitchens - if you don’t believe it, simply ask us for a quote on your project.

To further enhance the Imagineer Remodeling experience, we operate directly from our Westlake village facility, dealers are now able to order custom countertops and cabinetry simultaneously, ensuring better coordination and integration for your finished project.


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