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Windell's Carpet Care

Get your carpets to shine like new with Windell's Carpet Care. We provide business carpet care services in Indiana for quite forty years. We tend to use Bane-Clene means equipment and detergents. Our cleanup agents are completely tested for safety. Call us now 812-738-3014.


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I had vinyl replacement windows installed three years ago in my 70 year old brick home. Could bad installation (shims?) be causing interior wood to pull away?

Carole Weber of Weber Windows PRO answered:

Nov 16, 2017
Cheri, Did this just happen three years after installation or could this have been there from the time of installation and you didn't notice.  Sometimes this can happen, especially on older homes that ... read more
How difficult to replace a rotted 6x6 PT support post for 2nd floor deck? Other materials that are less likely to rot?
Jul 24, 2015
The difficulty depends on many things. I would say PT post is the way to go, but install it over a post standoff past so water doesnt get trapped between the bottom of the post and whatever it is sitt ... read more

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