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Tarzahn Inc.

Hello, Tarzahn is a decades established company founded in 2000 with a focus on both interior and exterior projects.

We design outdoor rooms, verandas, complicated terrain solutions, beautiful multi-tier decks, landscapes, hardscapes & custom steel handrails ... inclusive of all the collateral additions that can go with them. Our quality interior work is centered on the design & implementation of artisan tile for bathrooms, saunas, steamers, foyers & laundry yet expands into kitchens & retro restorations. We strive to execute all of our finished environments to craftsman standards within a conscientious, creative & timely manner. Allow us to assist you ...


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Answers from contractors near Omaha, NE

just a ball park figure ,thinking of buying a new home and i was wondering how much extra it would cost to have it wired for surround sound and a security syste
Surround sound is generally installed in front of and around an entertainment system including your TV or video monitor and often several locations throughout the house may need surround sound as in H ... read more
Can I install a laminate wood flooring on top of existing laminate wood flooring?
I probably would not recomend it.  A laminate floor is a floating floor and the flex, expansion and contraction of both as well as the hollow sound you can have with a laminate may give you undesireab ... read more

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