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Remodel Works Bath & Kitchen

When we say we handle and coordinate every single detail of your bath and kitchen remodel, we’re not exaggerating. We don’t operate in the GREY AREA. We don’t do uncertain. We don’t do half-way there. And we absolutely don’t do unsatisfied customers. The end result of our quality workmanship is always exactly what you want. It’s that black and white. Which should come as no surprise to you because we keep you informed every single inch of the way. Some call it passion for the process. We call it, the only way to do business. It’s what gets us in early in the morning and driving over 200-miles to service our San Diego customers daily. We are San Diego’s premiere Kitchen and Bath remodeling go-to company. Our designers, technicians, project managers and field contractors stick to a meticulous plan, created to fit your wants and needs. A plan that is commanded by your vision. No concern is too small to address. This ensures confidence, trust and at the end of the job, a glowing review by exceeding your expectations. At Remodel Works, there are no grey areas, no matter what color your new bath or kitchen happens to be. So if you’re considering anyone but us for your bath or kitchen remodel, you better sure they don’t operate in the grey area as well.


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  • National Kitchen and Bath Association
  • National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) Certified Kitchen Designer (CKD)

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