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Passailaigue Homes, Inc.

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It is said that a house should reflect one's personality, interests and lifestyle.

That is why Passailaigue Homes is the perfect partner for building a custom home that is uniquely your own!

Ray Passailaigue and his team have earned a reputation for providing superior service - from the start of the construction process until long after a home is completed. Their innovative designs and emphasis on quality accurately reflect the values of a company that has been serving the Lowcountry for almost twenty years.

An important component of the building process - but is unique to Passailaigue Homes - is dedication to communication. Each member of the team is briefed on new clients and their expectations. The result is a company that fully understands - from the top down - what you expect in your home and how those results should be achieved.

The goal at Passailaigue Homes is to build houses of the finest structural integrity, exquisite detail, and a warm, welcoming spirit. These homes live and breathe quality. That is because they are Passailaigue Homes.

Ray Passailaigue - Founder

In response to what he deemed the "cookie-cutter" mentality of the time, Ray Passailaigue established his custom design-build company, Passailaigue Homes, in 1988.

Since then Passailaigue Homes has evolved into one of the most successful and highly-respected companies in South Carolina.

With a background that encompasses virtually every stage of the construction process, and a rich appreciation of Lowcountry architecture, Ray has reached the pinnacle of his profession.

His homes reveal a level of quality that is unmatched in the Lowcountry and his success can be singularly attributed to one thing - integrity.

Ray's integrity and attention to detail are present in every custom home built by Passailaigue Homes. He is famous for a hands-on approach and physical, structural and aesthetic designs that reflect the finest craftsmanship in the industry.

Yet what is perhaps the most telling fact about Ray Passailaigue is that he has one of the highest repeat customer rates in the business. The plain truth is that Ray Passailaigue is universally liked and trusted by his clients, colleagues and peers. Simply stated, Ray Passailaigue is the type person who believes that building good homes is just a first step toward building good friendships.

  • Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce
  • Charleston Trident Home Builders Association
  • Daniel Island Associates
  • National Association of Home Builders (NAHB)

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