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P & R Renovations

P&R Renovations, LLC is a Preferred Remodeler of James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding. Siding is our specialty, but P&R Renovations, LLC was founded in the framing of custom homes, garages, room additions, and basements.

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What can I do about concrete driveway cracking 6 weeks after it was poured?
Aug 14, 2017
Check the frequency and depths of the control joints/sawcuts they installed for your driveway.  They all are subject to industry standards.  A driveway that is 4" thick should have control joint/sawcu ... read more
If you get it in writing that your roof installation will not be too heavy for the frame of your home, and a few months later your roof is sinking and the frame is cracking, is the roofer responsible?
Nov 10, 2016
Hello Debbie, I would ask how that was determined.  I think that fact that the question was brought up in the first place really raises a red flag.  In my experience, if there was a question about cha ... read more

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