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Onvico is a licensed and insured company operating in Georgia and Florida. We offer design, engineering, and construction services. Our team of professionals can handle any project from the smallest kitchen or bathroom remodel to the largest commercial or industrial projects. We also provide maintenance services to residential and commercial clients.


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Answers from contractors near Thomasville, GA

Is a contractor responsible for returning things to their rightful state even if its out of the scope of their contract?

Nilza Jackson of WCI Group Inc. PRO answered:

Aug 17, 2015
I would ask to speak with the owner of the business.  If they were responsible for the damage...and you can prove it was them that caused the system to fail (your security company will tell you)...the ... read more
howlong does it take to get a permit and inspection on an installalation of walkintub

Nilza Jackson of WCI Group Inc. PRO answered:

Jul 17, 2015
It depends.  Your contractor has to get the permiting office's approval and if your space doesn't meet code, he/she must request a variance.  Permiting can take a few hours, days and sometimes weeks.. ... read more

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