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New England Outdoor Shed

Why Choose New England Outdoor?

At New England Outdoor Sheds & Gazebos we take pride in knowing that all of our buildings are constructed to last a lifetime. We use only the highest grade materials and the strongest building methods to construct all our products and confidently stand behind our lifetime warranty. At New England Outdoor we strive to differentiate ourselves by offering exceptional service and support to all our customers. Your satisfaction is our top priority.


In the mid 1960’s Joe Bartolotta Sr. and his son Joe Bartolotta Jr. began designing and manufacturing quality outdoor wood products in the backyard of their home. Items such as picnic tables, gliders, swing sets and doghouses were displayed at outdoor locations, and stored in the sheds they had built for securing the products at night. Soon after, customers began inquiring about purchasing the storage sheds rather than the outdoor furniture. Although this was not the future the Bartolotta family intended, it was the beginning of our storage shed manufacturing business.

Current Day New England Outdoor

Over 45 years, and tens of thousands of sheds later, New England Outdoor Sheds & Gazebos is New England’s premier shed builder. Our strong construction and carpentry background has given us the ability to keep up with the constantly changing and advancing building methods and products used in today’s construction. While we have moved forward with these advances and stayed ahead of the competition, our commitment to our valued customers has remained in the foreground. Today, the third generation of the Bartolotta family carries on this tradition of unsurpassed workmanship. Joe Jr. and his two sons Jonathan and Ryan manage the day to day operations for this family owned business, New England Outdoor Sheds & Gazebos.

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